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During this time of uncertainty, the ARB has some helpful information for our homeowners as we all recover from the damage due to Hurricane  Matthew.

Home Repairs

Minor roof repairs due to damage from the hurricane can be completed as needed without ARB review.
Total roof replacement requires a Town & POA permit provided there is nochange in shingle color, roof material and design. Any changes to color, roof material and design will need ARB review.
Damage to siding, facia, and soffits can be repaired and returned to their original condition (same color and design).  This will require a POA permit but no ARB review is needed.

For plant information on sunlight requirements, plant size and growth at maturity, the county extension service can offer helpful information. Visit the website at  Home and Garden Information Center (HGIC).
Damaged or destroyed plants can be replaced (the landscape design should not be compromised from its original plan) without ARB review. 
Complete wholesale landscape changes still require ARB approval (a detailed landscape plan must be provided to the ARB for approval before a permit is issued).  A copy of your home's current approved landscape plan can be obtained from the POA office and may be useful as a basis for restoration, renovation, or redesign.  A garden center or landscape company should be able to provide you with a new landscape plan at no cost to you. Landscape plans drawn by owners will also be accepted.


Trees less than 6" in diameter do not require a POA permit for removal.
Trees within 10' of a structure can be removed but do require a POA tree permit. No mitigation is required and the $25 fee will be returned.
Trees which are hazardous to life or property, diseased, or seriously damaged may be removed, but require a POA permit.

Tree removals require an ARB approval and proper PH permit.