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The role of the Finance Committee is to review and study financial matters, reporting to and making recommendations for the Board.  The Committee's activities include:

  • Development and presentation of the annual operating budget along with preparation of a current year projection of expenses.  As needed, the Committee will also prepare a long-term projection of income and expenses for both operating and capital accounts.
  • Conduct a monthly review of operating statements, balance sheets and financial holdings.
  • Participation as the financial liaison for community projects initiated by the BOD
  • Development of the POA's investment policy, ongoing monitoring of financial investments and coordination with the POA's outside financial advisor in order to achieve the maximum return consistent with the POA's risk guidelines.
  • Participation in the outside audit/review of the POA's books of account as needed and warranted by external findings.
  • Initiate other projects as directed by the Board and/or the Treasurer of the POA.