Welcome to the Palmetto Hall Women’s Club

- enriching the lives of our neighbors


The Palmetto Hall  Women’s Club (PHWC) was formed to promote community spirit and fellowship among the residents of Palmetto Hall. Our membership is open to all women who are residents of Palmetto Hall and/or the Palmetto Hall Golf Club. Previous residents who have been members of the Women’s Club are also welcome to continue their affiliation, provided their membership is continuous from year to year.  The club provides an opportunity for women moving into Palmetto Hall to make friends, meet neighbors, grow in education and arts, and participate in opportunities to serve the local community. We hope you will consider joining the Women’s Club this year and participate in the exciting programs and activities we are currently planning.    

You will find a listing of Interest Groups and Committees run by the Women's Club in the column to the right.  There are currently five Book Clubs which meet regularly to discuss different literary genre. Palmetto Hall is a friendly community and our Southern Comfort Committee helps to foster that feeling by welcoming new neighbors. Our Casual Dining Groups give everyone the opportunity to get to know each other over dinner. Sign up for the informal casual style dining or, if interest exists, the more fancy style, Gourmet Dining. Two new groups were created in 2015: a Creative Writing Group and an Euchre Club. Please indicate your interest in these groups on the membership form.

The application form for this year is available in the column to the right. Please respond promptly, so we can update our records and keep you informed of upcoming activities. Please provide a current email address as this will be our usual form of communication.

If you have any questions, please contact any officer or committee member. They will be happy to help. We look forward to meeting you at an upcoming Women’s club event.